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This company is a disgrace! I am over 14k in tax debt due to BAD Communication and LACK of follow through! They need to get out of the business of assisting small business and go take some classes on service. I worked with a SUPERVISOR for 6 months who kept apologizing for the FACT she THOUGHT I had been processed on the tax service. Know that I am up the WAZOO in bills she and her supervisor want to put all the responsibility on me. I am beyond... Read more

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  • Oct 14
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Capital one 360 use paychex services for mobile check deposits. So I desposit my pay check thru my mobile app for my bank and call the bank to see why I had a hold on my paycheck. Come to find out paychex put a hold on my paycheck. Now i have to wait 5 days for the hold to come off. The bank nor paychex will take the hold off. Poor cuatomer service.

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I was on he Paychex Cobra insurance d/t losing my heath insurance from my employer. I filled out all the appropriate paperwork Paychex sent me in order to not have any gaps in service. I made all my monthly payments from 1/1/16 through 6/2016. Paychex sent me a letter stating I am missing paperwork. I spoke with a representative who put me on hold while speaking with their supervisor. They then stated to "disregard the letter" and I am "all set"... Read more

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We've been Paychex customers for years. We've had issues with payroll mistakes and other "human" errors BUT... We terminated an employee and paid out his final vacation balance (as calculated by Paychex). He complained that he was shorted so we investigated. Our Payroll Processing Specialist looked into it and told me that 30 hours was deducted a few days earlier. I asked "who and why" and she said "I don't know... I didn't do it". I then... Read more

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Payroll ran late and employees did not receive paychecks on time. Some employees were paid incorrectly. Read more

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We have been struggling with Paychex since 1/1/16. Being optimistic I hope each issue we face is the last and things will run smoothly. That has not been the case. Today, again, our employees can not access their pay stubs. No known solution. We are unable to upload new employees or make changes at this time (been going on 2 weeks) due to an update - but "tech support is working on". For a large company Paychex has the most random glitches... Read more

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I have tried to contact Paychex located in Novi, MI 11 different times and was electronically put on hold for a minimum of 5 minutes and the longest hold time was 48 minutes without ever speaking to a human. All calls were made during business hours. I sold my business and closed my account properly through their channels. They continue to invoice me for work never performed and attempt to debit the account that was closed after I sold my... Read more

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After waiting forever on the phone to resolve matters, had to work through email and phone. It's a torture sometimes as employees do not have a choice in service providers and have to tolerate anything just to get basic services like payment stubs. Paychex required to call me 4 (four) times on my phone before I could get to my account. Whatever system they have for verification totally fails. I wish I'd never have to come back to their site,... Read more

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I have been in the benefits administration field for over 10 yrs. I 've had the pleasure of services hundreds of clients and have worked with dozens of EDI administration companies. In 2011, when Obama Care first bloomed into the scene, we noticed that brokerage firms and payroll companies began to monopolize on the ACA requirements. They began venturing into the Ben Admin world, hoping to have added product benefits. Some have achieved this... Read more

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I called today to get a quote for payroll services. I was told there is only one girl that gives accurate quotes and her name is Laura. Laura is not in and nobody else can give quotes in this organization. I called corporate and the gentleman from the Presidents Office said this was not how they do business, that someone else can give us a quote. Later, I got a call from the Phoenix location. Pam, the senior management in Phoenix and yes, Pam... Read more

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