Recently my paycheck was issued by Paychex payroll service and subsequently the check was lost in the mail when I sent it via USPS to my bank to be deposited. I am now forced to pay Paychex a $20.00 fee for them to re-issue my payroll check.

I wouldn't complain if it was $5.00 but $20.00 is a bit excessive, actually, down right outrageous! At minimum wage this fee is equivalent to %6.15 of the net pay $5.00 would only be %2.0 percent of your net pay to loose. Remember this was at no fault of my own. I didn't lose the check myself. I understand that they need to have a person spend a couple of minutes to re print & mail the document which all costs money, but this penalty is ridiculous!

I will be reporting this to Consumers Union as an issue for them to look into.

Review about: Paychex Payroll Services.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Rochester, New York, United States #1247706

were did you do this i am trying to get my check re issued


Sounds like you foolishly signed up for Reddy Checks, which takes all the money out of your account before anyone gets paid. Now someone has to do work (imagine!) because you or your employee

didn't check their pockets before doing laundry.


I used to work for Paychex and happen to know that the $20 fee is what Paychex is charged to do a "stop payment" on a check. It is not based on a percentage of the check's value at all.

Direct deposit is always the way to go.

And to the ADP rep, I happen to know that you guys also charge a fee for stop payments, I certainly had plenty of former ADP clients come my way and heard all about their experiences.


Is there a reason why your not using direct deposit?


Yep. My check was only for $40 and I am also being charged $20.

That's HALF of my paycheck! I have been receiving paychecks from Paychex for 12 years and this is the first time I have ever needed to have a check reissued. Manpower, paper, & ink does not cost them $20. It's just a way to discourage people from making them do more work and a way to make money.

Seems like first one should be free, or $5 or something...or AT LEAST not be allowed to exceed more than 10% of the check's value. Taking 50% is ridiculous.

I hate big corporations and banks. It's *** like this that makes me wanna go off the grid and live in a cabin in Montana with nothing.

to ***ed & Poor #729806

I would recommend looking into ADP. I am a rep for ADP and I have helped plenty of companies who used Paychex salvage their hope for reliable provider.

ADP is competitive and we do not charge hidden fees.

Which I know by pulling invoices for a client from their paychex account that they charge hidden fees all the time. And they usually fail to send the report that includes those fees to their clients.

to ***cerned Rep North Hollywood, California, United States #1250726

Sure ADP has lost seven of my checks in the mail and now wants to charge me $35 for each one that's $175 so don't go with ADP they'll *** over big-time why should I have to pay anything when they lost the checks

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