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I am a small business owner of a manufacturing company. I use Paychex for my payroll and have been satisfied for many years with this service.

However, the two times I agreed to be sold their other services, I have been greatly disappointed. It comes down to their customer service and follow up care; it's poor or non-existent. Three years ago I switched my company's 401k Safe Harbor to them. Six months later I switched it back to ADP due to Paychex's hidden fees, limited fund selection and poor service.

Now this year I've been embroiled by a billing dispute with their Workman's Compensation Insurance group. It's not a lot of money but I am fighting on principal. After six months I now realize that none of my complaints or remediation were passed on to the actual insurance company; AmTrust!

Paychex Insurance group are bums. Bottom line; use Paychex for payroll services only.

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