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We just finished a four-month ordeal with Paychex, trying to get them to fix a *** mistake that they made. It would be impossible to exaggerate how incredibly terrible the customer service is at this company. Not incompetent - blatantly careless and cowardly.

The mistake itself was made AFTER we reminded them several times to NOT make payroll payments in October for a company that had been closed down. So they did it anyway = payroll to us, taxes to the federal government. So we tried to have it reversed. For FOUR months we went through five different customer service reps. Each one followed the same routine and it's now clear that this is what they're taught to do.

When a customer has a problem, this is the official Paychex routine:

1) Answer the phone quickly, listen attentively, and promise to fix it right away, no problem. Give out their name and phone number. Assure you of great customer service; then...

2) Look into the issue, see that it's not a simple fix, and never look at it again;

3) When we noticed that nothing had been done, we went back to this super-nice and friendly customer service agent. WHO DISAPPEARED. Not once, not twice. FOUR PEOPLE, FOUR COMPLETE DIAPPEARANCES. They don't answer their phone. They do not return messages. They do not respond to emails. If you talk to someone else, they say, "He's on vacation", or "He's been transferred", or "He's out of the office right now";

4) So you try another service agent. Go back to #1, repeat steps 1-3, precisely. Even the answers are the same. Clearly this is company policy;

5) After four - FOUR - customer service people refused to fix the problem, NEVER RETURNED A PHONE CALL, and either literally or virtually disappeared, we climbed the management ladder. Got to a Senior Service Manager;

6) Repeat Steps 1-3. Great attitude, nice people, then COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR;

7) We went to headquarters, got a senior senior manager. She was very nice, and apparently hadn't received this unique type of training. After four months, she FIXED OUR PROBLEM IN ONE DAY.

If this sounds like a story, let me say that I have names, dates, and an email trail a mile long. I can and will out this outlandish level of fraud and deception when I'm ready. In the meantime, and I say this with all sincerity, do not use Paychex. Do not listen to how nice they are, it's all part of the routine. See Steps 1-3 above. No way our situation was unique - it's how they work.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service at Paychex. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Paychex to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was no responsibility for mistakes. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Glen Burnie, Maryland, United States #1351380

Omg, we had the same experience. They used to be pretty competent but now are climbing the heights to see how incompetent they can be.

The worst thing is that they think their service is pretty great. No matter how many mistakes they make and you point out to them for correction, they are blatantly unapologetic about it.

Spring, Texas, United States #1317739

Used them for over 3 years and they quickly fixed a couple of my mistakes. You must have the worst luck in the world. I would never pick another company to do my payroll.

New York, New York, United States #1179891

Hello! I am so sorry you had such a difficult experience.

I can't imagine having to go through that as a business owner with so much on your plate already.

My name is Natalie, and I work for ADP. I'm very involved with all of my clients, and I'd love to discuss some solutions we have and see if ADP would make sense for you.

I can be reached at Have a great day!

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